Designing Promotional Material, Business Cards
Flyers, Sales Marketing
Covers Decoration Hire based in Auckland, NZ. 
A small event hire & styling business. 
To create & modernise business cards, flyers, website & social media 
promotions that connect with brand identity & keep up with the changing industry. 

​​​​​​​  Business Cards
For a small card, with not a lot of space cramming the company identity together was a tricky task with a lot of finicky pieces to constantly adjust but in the end we created a soft & subtle (wedding appropriate) business card. Nothing crazy, a bit of floral work & the right info. 

✤ Flyers
New look, fresh clean elegant, perfect for the average bride who wants a clear idea of what they’re getting with this company, transparency. Wanted to show some images of variety. Not be the standard 3 page 2 fold brochure but rather a leaflet. Don’t bombard people with words. Get straight to the point. Sell them the dream with the first image that they see. 

✤ Black Friday Promotion

To make something that was represented Black Friday but also the brand was a bit of fun for me. I decided to keep things simple with a few dainty white floral accents to match the florals of the store.

✤ Results
Created a more reliable & modern day wedding/event brand, able to keep up in the fast changing, expanding industry. Especially one so heavily influenced by “the Pinterest look”, and fuelled by ideals & high expectations.
Again creating brand identity & consistency, where they lacked with various different material alternatives, they now had a sleek, simplistic promotional material with direct information.
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